Thursday, August 02, 2012

the start of beating-tea

August 1, and I've made some headway on both the salad dressing and the black tea.  Maybe more-so the dressing than the tea...

Wednesday, August 1

-black tea (loose Darjeeling) +1 (#3)
-currants +1 (#1)
-some pie pieces crumbled on top
-I may have eaten something else, but I can't remember

-blackberries +1 (#4)
-pasta with tomato sauce
-cafe au lait

-hamburger on bun
-tomato (it was soooooo good!  An oxheart-type heirloom that I forget the name of)
-Swiss cheese +1 (#1)
-eggplant +1 (#4)
-French dressing +1 (#3) *I also used up this bottle of dressing...there are 2 others, though
-watermelon from the CSA that wasn't so sweet - boo hoo

Evening snack:
-yogurt smoothie (I'm participating in a research study where I eat this every day)
-ice cream (technically I ate the last of what was in the container, but...I know there will be more very soon)
-digestive biscuit

Points August 1:  6
Goal-foods used:  2
Goal-foods finished: 1 container of 1 goal-food (about...1/3 total)

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