Friday, August 10, 2012


Haven't been updating lately -- I have had some issues with Blogger on my tablet at home.  Hm.

The past couple day's here is what I've been up to with the food:

Monday, August 6

-used up an OLD spice packet to make a nice stir-fry +2 (#1, #3)
-chopped up some tomatoes from the garden and combined with basil & walnut oil for a fresh salad! +2 (#4, #3)

Tuesday, August 7

I was proud of dinner tonight:  combined the remaining Country Gravy (which I'd mixed up on Sunday) with some other ingredients to make a creamy soup.  The points didn't come from the soup but from using up the rice blend that I served on the side +1 (#1)

Wednesday, August 8

Breakfast included blackberries from the yard +1 (#4)
Lunch was eaten out
Dinner was a repeat of Tuesday

and that brings me to Thursday, August 9

-blackberries +1 (#4)
-yogurt smoothie
-kale +1 (#4)

-leftover soup
-celery +1 (#1)
-yellow squash +1 (#4)


-out to Otto's with friends!  YUM!!!

Evening snack:
-strawberry gelatin that I made the other day + ice cream

Points earned:  10
Goal-foods used:  3
Goal-foods finished:  1

August running total points:  27.5

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