Friday, August 10, 2012

friday fun with tea

With at least 6 varieties of black tea to use up this month, I did some investigating of creative ways to use tea.  I found recipes for baked goods, glazes, grain dishes, the base of smoothies.  Good, simple ideas!  I can hardly believe people haven't been telling me about these and other ways to use tea in cooking as a way to amp the antioxidants in foods!  Or...maybe it doesn't work like that?  But it seems like it ought to.

Running a little behind on my updates...!

I tried out one of these ideas for breakfast last week, and sipped tea throughout the day...

Friday, August 3

-Chai Tea Oatmeal inspired by this recipe
*black tea (loose Darjeeling) +1 (#3)
(I also drank some extra tea)


-leftover soup +0.5 (#1)
-green pepper +1 (#4)
-green/yellow/purple beans

-lentil-stuffed peppers
*green peppers +1 (#4)
*lentil+quinoa mix leftovers.  Technically uses brown lentils, one of my Goal Foods for the month.  Gimme +0.5 (#3)
-roasted potatoes with onion soup mix +1 (#3)
-zucchini/tomato/cucumber salad with walnut oil +1 (#3)

Evening snack:
-yogurt smoothie

Points August 3: 6
Goal-foods used:  3
Goal-foods finished:  0

August running total points:  17.5

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