Tuesday, September 04, 2012

labor day weekend wrap-up

A bunch of grilling and veggie-based cooking went on around the house this weekend.  Here's an overview of things that we used:

Saturday, September 1:
-tomatoes & peppers & zucchini from the garden
-eggplant from the garden

Sunday, September 2:
-Key West sauce over chicken and yellow crookneck squash & eggplant from the garden (I used up one bottle of the stuff...then realized I had two.  Boo.)
-WATERMELON!!! from the garden

Monday, September 3:
-green pepper & tomato from the garden
-apple butter at dinnertime

It was slightly disappointing as I had intended to use up 4 sauce mixes (Key West, Bearnaise, peppercorn & fajita) and I only used half-of-one.  There's always tomorrow...or today!  I'm thinking grilled peppercorn steak tonight!