Tuesday, February 14, 2006

round and round and round

The projects I've been working on this week are all items knit "in the round."

The Wave Skirt continues to make progress. It's incredibly boring, though, since it's all stockinette stitch. Bleh. I knit on it for a long time during Bethany's water polo games over the weekend.
like the fact that the measuring tape is totally in the wrong spot? haha
It's not that the polo games were boring! It's just that...I can't seem to sit still when there's stuff to knit! It was great to have so much time to knit and to see my sister and the rest of my family. Here are some pictures of us before I get back to the knitting:
the csu east bay water polo ladies in a half-time huddle...with their kangaroo skippy
me with kermit and jim henson at a statue honoring jim, who graduated from the university of maryland with a degree in home economics, according to one publication
my brother, jonathan, with the statue
and dad...
...and mom. obviously this family likes the muppets, the supposed source of fun fur yarn

Okay, next knitting project...!

I decided to mess around with my Trampoline yarn and pick a pattern for my sockpal. I swatched for an inch or so on size 1's in hopes of making gauge for Knitty's Crusoe pattern, but after that got me 9 stitches per inch and then swatching on large needles still didn't get me very close to the gauge and the yarn on that size needles wasn't making me very happy, I said adios to the idea of Crusoe and shuffled through some other patterns and settled on Sockbug's Lava Flow Socks, which just happen to call for 9 stitches per inch on size 1 needles. How convenient. What can I say - I was in the midst of five water polo games and didn't feel like doing much math. And so off I went. Progress thus far...
an inch of ribbing and a few pattern repeats

And then, last night, I pulled out the ripped-up-sweater to get to work on the Hermione mittens, which I had swatched during the Super Bowl following the Cotton Fleece "hank" disaster. Not very exciting, but...here's the outerwear set as it stands:
And - wow, here I am sitting at my computer at work still at 7-til-5 at night on Valentine's day. I guess most people would think I'm really lame. Whatever. I'm headed home to do my laundry, go grocery shopping, pick up some prescriptions, and read my Bible...and knit. Because...I love knitting. And I really love God.

Happy Valentine's Day, and just to go along with that and the title of today's post, here are lyrics from a song I learned in Sunday school looooong ago:

Love grows
One by one
Two by two
And four by four

Love grows
Round like a circle
And comes back knocking
On your front door

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