Saturday, June 04, 2016


I'm interested in blogging again, mainly to have some photo log of various parts of my life.  When I wrote the title, I thought of how "turning" is part of repentance, and that re-turning is like the times when we go back to our previous ways and then choose repentance once again.  I'm not specifically repenting of anything here, but it does make me think of what is similar in life and different in life since last posting on this blog space.  One similarity is trying to use up food!  "Old" food.

A couple years ago I went to the Mother Earth News Fair and heard someone talk about some sustainable-and-frugal choices she makes as part of her lifestyle.  One that was new to me and stuck (actually, most of her ideas stuck!) was an annual spring cleaning of the freezer/pantry.  Particularly for the freezer the goal is to empty it, be able to defrost it (! great idea...!) and have it all ready to accept the bounty from the garden.

At the moment I'm getting pretty close to having the freezer cleared. Major hurdles are still turkey (makes me feel less inclined to always offer to make turkey around winter holidays "because who doesn't love the leftovers?"), pumpkin, blueberries and tomatoes.

And yet, I was delighted to see a flower forming on a tomato plant in the garden yesterday!

Flowers are starting!!

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